KAS-10 ver4.0

GPS AVL & Dispatch Messaging Software
NEXEDGE® Virtual Radio IP Dispatch

  • Windows based GPS AVL & Dispatch Messaging Software for NEXEDGE system
  • Version 4.01 Upgrade adds Conventional IP Interface, MapPoint 2013, AutoPolling Stop, plus system improvements
  • Features include AVL & Dispatch over NEXEDGE Trunked IP Networks, with 100 Group Scan, NXDN Voice Scrambling & Dispatch Console Window
  • NEXEDGE Digital Dispatch Signalling & Messaging, with Individual, Group & Broadcast Voice Calls and 207 Custom Status Messages of 25 characters each
  • Mobile ID Capacity is 999 IDs, Microsoft MapPoint 2006-2013 European Maps compatibility, works with Windows 8,custom WAV file import, 5-Tone & FleetSync voice calls
  • AVL operation requires GPS installation in mobiles or KMC-47GPS/48GPS Speaker Mics with portables
  • Google Earth Compatible - KML File output. GPS data logging/replay
  • Voice Recording of KAS-10 conversations
  • NOTE - Dispatch voice calls over a NEXEDGE Trunked IP network require a Digital Voice Systems Inc USB-3000 AMBE+2 Vocoder Unit (not required for NEXEDGE Conventional or Single-Site Trunked applications).


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