Intrinsically Safe


Worldwide Directives/ Certifications for IS Radios
ATEX directives are EU standards covering equipment to be used where there is a potential risk from explosive atmospheres; certified products eliminate the risk of ignition and ensure safe operation. IECEx is an International certification system for Ex products Scheme. In China CQST is a safety certification scheme for electrical products to be used in hazardous areas. USTC certification assure conformity with relevant US and Canadian standards. CSA is Canadian Standards Association, and also CSA us is applied for USA.
Note: Please read the IS Manual very carefully before using the IS radio. The radio/battery combination must be strictly observed. There must be no substitution of items, even if the substitute has been previously approved for use with other KENWOOD communications equipment. Do not use the radio with any battery or accessories or options in a hazardous atmosphere unless they are specifically certified for such use; otherwise, an explosion or fire could result. Charge batteries only in areas known to be non-hazardous (in fresh air).

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