Hospitality Service Integration

Guests talk a lot about relaxing stays at great hotels, but they know little about what the hospitality industry must do to make that a reality. For example, when a guest asks an employee for something, they assume all the staff knows what they want – and they expect immediate results.

Ensuring this level of coordination and workflow management is challenging, but not impossible – thanks to our solution, Hospitality Service Integration, developed in cooperation with Datalink Systems Inc.

KENWOOD radio systems make communication with your staff easy. But it requires tight integration between your communications system and workflow tools to deliver service that exceeds expectations. Hotel Property Management System links the work everyone is doing to the prioritized needs of the guests – whether that is servicing a room, scheduling special requests, dispatching security, or ordering flowers.


NEXEDGE System Portable Radio
Direct, Conventional Repeater,Type-C Trunking NXDN Digital Radio

Features & Benefits

Major hotels and convention centers are overwhelmingly choosing hotel property management systems to schedule and optimize their services. KENWOOD’s solution, implemented in coordination with our development partner Datalink Systems Inc., offers many capabilities:

  • Put a customer care plan in motion using messages
  • Eliminate “slow service”
  • Assign, monitor and evaluate staff performance
  • Schedule preventative maintenance and receive instant notification
  • Tie special preparations to specific guests

Implementing our solution means that you are free to plan with flexibility, delegate to appropriate teams, track and improve your responses to optimize customer satisfaction.

  • Trigger notifications for different teams based on customer input
  • Assign tasks to roles to prevent dropped responses
  • Assign tasks to individuals for a specific approach or skillset
  • Confirm the correct people or equipment are in a specific location
  • Deliver service requests to various teams automatically
  • Ensure front desk requests are transferred appropriately
  • Plan staffing needs for events or day-to-day business
  • Automate task scheduling and preventative maintenance
  • See real-time status of requests in progress with messages
  • Tie customer requests to reservations
  • Assess response times and resources business

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