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The Venetian® Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, U.S.

The Venetian® Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas is one of the largest luxury resorts in the world. They needed to add 1,000 radios but their LTR® system could not provide the additional capacity. KENWOOD's NEXEDGE technology has allowed them to migrate incrementally from analog to digital communications, while offering increased capacity, coverage and clarity.

Zorlu Center: NEXEDGE at a project that achieves the impossible, Turkey

The Zorlu Center is Turkey’s first and only “mixed use” development and is situated in Zincirlikuyu, on the European shores of Istanbul.

G8/G20 Summits, Canada, June 25?27, 2010

In the summer of 2010, Canada hosted G8 and G20 Summits back to back ? one in Huntsville, and the other in Toronto ? requiring seamless multisite trunked coverage for a large area of Southern Ontario. The contract was won by Mobile Business Communications (MBC) and KENWOOD Electronics Canada (KEC), who put together a customized NEXEDGE digital communications network in less than six weeks.

G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, Japan

For the G8 Summit held at Toyako, Hokkaido, in July 2008, KENWOOD's digital radios were selected by the Japanese government to link three remote sites requiring confidentiality and voice clarity. NEXEDGE proved to be the perfect solution, performing flawlessly in providing trunked communications for group calls and radio-to-radio communications for individual calls.

Art, Entertainment, Recreation

KENWOOD NEXEDGE Radios Perform in Demanding 120-Mile Two State Road Race

The annual B2V Challenge Cup Relay Race, a prestigious and unique international foot race, It’s also one of the most demanding races held in the U.S., a 120-mile test of endurance through the Mojave Desert ? an unpopulated and desolate corner of the Southwest.
In this race KENWOOD's NEXEDGE system supported teams running the annual Baker to Vegas Road Race in the Mojave Desert.

The Southeast Asian Games - SEA Games, Singapore

The 28th SEA Games were held over 12 days, June 5-16, 2015. A total of 7,000 athletes and officials from the 11 countries participated in 36 sports and 402 events. CitiCall was chosen by the Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee to provide radio communications throughout the 28th SEA Games 2015. In this event, CitiCall achieved a great success being supported by NEXEDGE radios backed by a nationwide digital trunking system.

Subaru Wins Class Trophy in the 24 Hours Nurburgring Supported by KENWOOD's NEXEDGE Digital System

The STI (Subaru Technica International) team took part in the 24 Hours Nurburgring endurance race, driving the Subaru WRX STI NBR 2015 (commercial model base) and scooping first place in the SP3T class for vehicles with turbocharged engines of 2,000cc or less. This case study describes the challenges faced by the STI team and the crucial role played by KENWOOD's NEXEDGE digital communications system in overcoming them.

MRTC The inside track on Motorsport communications, U.K.

“To be completely honest, we got into motorsport by mistake.”

When Ken Rumbold left corporate life in 1984 with a modest redundancy package and a desire to set up his own two-way radio communications business, his ambition was to live the rural idyll and serve in the local farming community...

NEXEDGE Digital Communications System for National Stadium in Poland

Managing safety and facilities at one of Europe’s most modern and striking stadiums.

Situated across the Vistula River from the meticulously rebuilt and beautiful Old Town in Warsaw is the stunning Stadion Narodowy, the national stadium for Poland: the most popular place in the country, the biggest multifunctional arena.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Visiting Barcelona this summer? Then find out how KENWOOD’s NEXEDGE digital system is being used at the La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.


NEXEDGE Gen2 systems have been implemented for the new largest airport in the world, Turkey

The Istanbul New Airport has taken just 42 months to build and when fully completed by 2028, will be the world’s largest airport, with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers.

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NEXEDGE Playing a Key Role for TV Broadcaster

TBS, one of Japan’s major TV broadcasters, was looking for the best candidate to play a leading role in field operations: a digital radio system to coordinate its news-gathering teams. Naturally JVCKENWOOD was able to provide the perfect solution ? NEXEDGE and 4-level frequency-shift keying (FSK).


Emergency Communications Improved Throughout K-12 School District with NEXEDGE Radios

Rock Hill School District, Rock Hill, NC relies on the Fleet Talk NEXEDGE regional system to provide reliable day to day and emergency communications.

School District relies on NEXEDGE Radios to Improve Student Safety, Security

Martinsville, Virginia City Public Schools switch to an NXDN trunked radio system for administration, operations, security and transportation staff communications.

Western Kentucky University (WKU), Kentucky, U.S.

Located in south central Kentucky and recognized as the fastest growing university in Kentucky, Western Kentucky University (WKU) could see that their existing two-way radio system was no longer providing adequate coverage and it was time to explore other options. After a two week KENWOOD demo, WKU could “immediately see” the benefits of the digital technology. Area Supervisor, Facilities Management at WKU, said that the ergonomic of the radio makes it easier for personnel to use and he applauds the durability of the NEXEDGE portables, necessary for long work shifts and varying environmental conditions.

Fire & EMS

KENWOOD NEXEDGE Radios are Crucial to Agencies Fighting Historic Fire in Tennessee

During the Eastern Tennessee fire event in November 2016, first responders and other agencies used KENWOOD NEXEDGE radios exclusively for their communications. Land Air Total Communications, KENWOOD Authorized Dealer in Sevier County, Tennessee supported the fire services and other public safety agencies responding to the fire. Land Air operates 6 sites, with 3 primarily used for the Eastern Tennessee fire event, and Land Air will shortly deploy 2 more sites, for a total of 8. Radios used during the Eastern Tennessee fire included KENWOOD NX-300G, NX-300GK, NX-800K, NX-320K, NX-820HGK, and NX-5300K2.

KENWOOD NEXEDGE is the Perfect Digital Solution for Henderson County First Responders

The dramatic mountain ranges and sweeping valleys of western North Carolina make it an American scenic treasure.
That same topography also makes it one of the most challenging areas in the U.S. for radio coverage.
In The Henderson County emergency services’Coverage issues, and a need to provide emergency services to a rapidly expanding local population, made replacing the radio system a KENWOOD NEXEDGE.

Dekbera's RadioNET Network covers Lithuania

Europe’s Largest NEXEDGE Digital Trunking System. The completion of the fifth phase of deploying KENWOOD NEXEDGE digital trunking infrastructure sees Dekbera’s RadioNET communications network firmly established as Europe’s largest NEXEDGE trunking system.

NEXEDGE helping fire fighters across Poland

KENWOOD NEXEDGE helping fire fighters to work more safely and effectively across Poland.

Fire and rescue services in Poland The State Fire Service (SFS) of Poland consists of a National Headquarters in Warsaw, 16 Regional Headquarters, 353 District (Municipal) Headquarters and 499 Fire and Rescue Units.


Williamson Medical Center (WMC), Tennessee, U.S.

Williamson Medical Center, source of medical care for more than 180,000 residents in Williamson County, TN, migrated their security team to KENWOOD digital NEXEDGE portable radios. As a result, wireless communication became possible throughout their entire facilities with no dead spots, and instant one-button communication boosted their ability to respond to emergency situations. The WMC Security Director had good experiences with KENWOOD radios during his work as a police officer, which contributed to his decision.

Bulawayo City Council, Zimbabwe

Bulawayo City Council’s (BCC) call centre was awarded the Service Excellence Award in the public sector, local authorities and utilities category at a ceremony held on 5th October 2012 in Harare.

Manufacturing & Plant

NEXEDGE at The Home Of Guinness, Ireland.

Richard Lambley of Land Mobile magazine discovers how KENWOOD’s NEXEDGE has revolutionized on-site communications at Ireland’s most celebrated industrial location ? the St James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, the home of Guinness for over 250 years……

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Effortless communication from the vineyard to the cellar

The new era of communication has been established at Robert Weil: one of the most traditional wineries in the Rheingau area and a global symbol of German Riesling culture..


World-Class Coal Mine in Mongolia

As coverage requirements expanded with their operations, ETT Mining turned to KENWOOD to solve audio quality, eavesdropping, and scalability issues at a major Mongolian coalmining project. Now they are more than satisfied with a NEXEDGE multi-site digital trunking system that has put them well on track to achieving vigorous growth in the years ahead.


Bulgarian Police deploy nationwide NEXEDGE system, Bulgaria

KENWOOD Communications and its local distributor Sectron have recently delivered a nationwide NEXEDGE digital two-way radio system for the National Police Service in Bulgaria. James Atkinson of Wireless Magazine reports from his visit to Sofia.

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Christian County, Kentucky, U.S.

Christian County is the second largest county in the U.S. Commonwealth of Kentucky and has deployed the KENWOOD NEXEDGE radio technology, covering 30 departments on a three site system. They have 750 radio units in use, both mobiles and portables, with agencies ranging from state parks to the Kentucky state police to police, EMS, fire rescue and other agencies operating in that county. They chose KENWOOD NEXEDGE after an extensive RFP process. (This is reprinted from the February 2010 issue, with the permission of Integrated Solutions Magazine.)

Public Service

Hessen Road Maintenance System, Germany

The German state of Hessen has a population of six million and an extensive road system, including the busiest highway interchange in Europe. As budgets for state-funded road maintenance are limited, greater efficiencies have to be found in control and communications. Project requirements were demanding, but the solution picked by Hessen was none other than KENWOOD's NEXEDGE digital radio system.


A Beep, Chicago, U.S.

Needing to compete effectively with cellular systems, A Beep, one of the largest SMR operators in Chicago, decided on NEXEDGE for their new Diga-Talk service as it offers an automated system for transparent roaming using inexpensive IP networking. A Beep's expanded coverage means they can now support radio customers throughout the city.

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

Being the tallest freestanding structure in North America, Toronto's CN Tower poses some unique challenges for wireless communications. Ensuring that a solid signal propagates throughout the facility, thus providing good voice clarity, was an important factor in the selection of KENWOOD's digital system. NEXEDGE has also increased capacity, allowing for multiple talk groups.

Mobile Relay Associates (MRA), La Crescenta, California, U.S.

Determined to build a new digital specialized mobile radio (SMR) network able to compete successfully against cellular systems, Mobile Relay Associates (MRA) picked KENWOOD's NEXEDGE. MRA now operates a leading-edge communications network offering expanded coverage, security, and all the feature sets its customers had asked for. (Full article from the Dec. 2009 issue of MissionCritical Communications)

Mal-Tel (Mal-Tel Communication Sdn Bhd), Malaysia

Based in Malaysia, Mal-Tel Communication Sdn Bhd (Mal-Tel) has successfully developed an extensive portfolio of radio communication solutions for both public and private sectors. And since 2001 the company has been operating an analog LTR® trunking system. But now Mal-Tel is embarked on an exciting new venture: in June 2011 it started building its own digital trunked radio service ? the NX-Digital™ Service ? powered by KENWOOD’s NEXEDGE technology.

Vertel Telecoms Pty Ltd, Australia

In July 2010 Vertel, Australia's largest independent wireless network provider, launched Team Talk™, a fully managed push-to-talk two-way communications system powered by KENWOOD and using NEXEDGE technology. Covering Sydney and Melbourne metro areas, Team Talk™ delivers localized and interstate communications for commercial and government organizations that require business-critical voice and data communications over secure digital networks.

A New Greater London Digital Network That's Serious About Waste, U.K.

When Steve Cairns, Managing Director of R F Lincs Ltd saw customers leaving the analogue PAMR system he had worked with for a number of years due to coverage and reliability issues he decided to build something better.


London Bridge Station

Learn how a KENWOOD NEXEDGE system helps Network Rail to keep the station operating safely and efficiently.

Already one of the busiest rail transport hubs in the UK, London Bridge Station is preparing itself for a 10% increase in passengers by 2018.

SP-PSA International Port, Vietnam

NEXEDGE has made a very successful debut in the Asian market. Winning out over strong competition, it was chosen by Singapore-based PSA International, the world's second largest port operator, for its new container operations in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Workers at this large facility are now using over a hundred KENWOOD radios and further expansion is scheduled.

Wholesale & Retail

NEXEDGE at One New Change in The City of London

It’s clearly evident that when Land Securities Group PLC developed the One New Change shopping and office complex, creating something extraordinary was their objective.

NEXEDGE Trunked Digital Two Way Radio System At Chapelfield Shopping Centre

Richard Lambley joins the crowds at a large shopping mall in Norwich, where a recent upgrade to KENWOOD NEXEDGE digital communications has brought improved radio coverage throughout the site and access to a wealth of new functionality.

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