Battery Reader software for Intelligent Battery Management System

The Intelligent Battery System helps to extend battery lifetime and ensure that the batteries are optimally maintained so as to be ready for mission-critical operations.The system comprises the optional Li-ion and Ni-MH Batteries equipped with specialized ICs (KNB-L1/L2/L3/N4/LS5), Intelligent Charger (KSC-Y32), and Battery Reader software (KAS-12/12PRO).

<KAS-12 - Battery Reader>
  • Up to 60 batteries' information connected to Intelligent Charger can be displayed on a KAS-12 Battery Reader software installed PC - charging status, model name, voltage, temperature, user informations and basic data.

<KAS-12PRO - Battery Reader Pro>
  • Database Server Function - can be stored up to 5,000 batteries' historical data.
  • Battery Management Function - can be managed initial date of use, elapsed days, discharge cycle, remaining capacity and deterioration (end-of-life) notification stored in KAS-12PRO installed server.


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